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Kulintronica T-Shirts now available at upcoming gigs!

15 Jul Kulintronica T-Shirt by Ugat

Because you asked for it!  Wear Kulintronica t-shirts by Ugat clothing and show the world that kulintang is the future…

Kulintronica T-Shirt by Ugat



Available at any Kulintronica gig and also direct from here.

Upcoming gigs:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maseg VIP Crowdfunding Launch Party

Philippine Center at the ground floor lobby of the Philippine Consulate of San Francisco

447 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94108

Carmen Colet (Asian Art Museum Commissioner and SFMSCC Chair) and Kularts in partnership with the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco invite you to 

MASEG: VIP Crowdfunding Launch Party!!!

Kularts the nation’s premier presenter of contemporary and tribal Pilipino arts, is kicking off a summer crowdfunding campaign commission and produce a groundbreaking dance production of Maseg (Typhoon) by Philippine Master Dance Artist Jay Loyola Dance and composer Florante C. Aguilar at historic Brava Theater in San Francisco.

To Kick-Off the campaign, we invite you to our exlcusive VIP Launch Party. Light refreshments and bites provided by Local Lift.

Live Calligraphy by Kristian Kabuay and music by Kulintronica

RSVP at:

Maseg VIP Crowdfunding Launch Party

Maseg VIP Crowdfunding Launch Party


Thursday, July 27, 2014

2nd Annual Kundiman 808

A Variety of Voices of Filipino American Culture

Raising    Domestic    Violence     Awareness

Poetry.  Music.  Art.  Dance.  Filipino Martial Arts.  Live!

Join us for the Second Annual Kundiman 808 at the Filipino Community Center’s Ballroom in Waipahu!

Date: July 27, 2014
Time: 4:30 – 8:30 PM
**FREE and open to the public**

Kundiman is a genre of Filipino love songs. Under colonial rule, it was developed into a secret method of expression for one’s love of country and desired freedom.

Kundiman 808 is dedicated to celebrating youth, culture, and community building through various art forms such as music, dance, spoken word, storytelling, live art and more. This year we are also raising awareness about domestic violence.

Emcee: Paul Martin
DJ: Seph1

Performances by: Tekniqlingz | Kulintronica | Bandalan Doce Pares Association, HI | Faith Pascua | Ozzie Jaramillo & Nikko Magtoto | Ricky Rapanut | Agaton Pasion, Jr. | Ashley Galacgac | Ajax Maharlika | Marcus Mateo | AkaVibes

Live Art/ Art Displays by: Laetitia Marie Mahoney aka Chika | Ramir Belmes | Marc Galacgac

For more information on Kundiman 808 of 2014, click here.

Co-sponsored by:
ESSA (Ethnic Studies Student Association of UH Manoa)
Consortium for Health, Safety & Support
Made in Hope

Kundiman 808

Kundiman 808


Kulintronica is Radio Republic’s “Daily Track” for February 25, 2014!

25 Feb Kulintronica is Radio Republic's Daily Track for February 25th, 2014
Kulintronica is Radio Republic's Daily Track for February 25th, 2014

Kulintronica is Radio Republic’s Daily Track for February 25th, 2014

So excited to be a Daily Track in Radio Repbulic’s 2014 calendar (see the profile here)!  I am not the first Filipino artist from outside the Philippines to be listed here, and I’m not even the first artist from California to be listed here, but I do believe I am the first kulintang player to be featured here.  I’m so grateful to be mentioned in the same lineup with OPM artists 6Cyclemind, Sugarfree, Gloc-9, Denise Barbacena, Uela Basco (of the Chilitees), Mishka Adams, Indio I, and Nouvul.

As mentioned in the article, I am a huge OPM fan and when I am in the Philippines I spend quite a bit of time seeking out new music and enjoying the vibrante Pinoy Rock scene in Manila.  Eraserheads’ “Aloha Milkyway” was my first OPM album; and their “Natin99,” Up Dharma Down’s “Bipolar,” and Kjwan’s “2StepMarv” were very influential to me and I had these in heavy rotation when I was first developing the Kulintronica sound.

Kulintronica is Radio Republic's Daily Track for February 25th, 2014

Kulintronica is Radio Republic’s Daily Track for February 25th, 2014

Just minutes before the Daily Track was posted, I completed this video blog that gives what would have been all the latest Kulintronica updates had this latest development not taken place.

Next gig:

February 26th, 2014 – Hult International Business School

Here a gong, there a gong, everywhere a gong-gong…

28 Feb
Sambasia SF plays Binalig

Sambasia SF plays Binalig

As San Francisco celebrated the Rabbit with Lunar New Year, I reprised my role as guest artist with pan-Asian/Brazilian drum line Sambasia SF for an intimate performance in the Mission district at Eth-Noh-Tec’s “Salon You’re On!”  It was truly a pleasure playing music with this open-minded crew of percussionists who are so eager to test the cross-cultural waters by bringing traditional Asian musics to Bahia via San Francisco Japantown.  Also sharing their talent that night was Beth Grosman, Jenny Logico, Fay Chiang, and fellow live-looping-virtuoso-multi-instrumentalist Cello Joe.

Kitchen Agung

Kitchen Agung

This weekend show took place just days after I returned from a brief but beautiful trip to the Philippines where I encountered more kulintang paraphernalia such as this beautifully painted vintage (heavy) agung that lives suspended above a fruitbowl in a kitchen in Quezon City.  Although the instrument is alone, it is played everyday at least three times a day before mealtime.

Gong Greeting at Restaurant

Gong Greeting at Restaurant

A side trip to the beautiful “City in a Forest,” aka Puerto Princesa in Palawan yielded many kulintang encounters on a large and lush limestone island.  One highlight was a fresh Filipino seafood dinner suspended over the water next to a grove of mangrove trees called Badjao, a Sama-themed restaurant complete with a dining room on stilts and a wooden gong replica at the entrance.

Wooden Railing Gongs

Wooden Railing Gongs

At yet another dining establishment called Ka Lui’s I found these wooden painted gongs tucked away on the ends of some bamboo banisters.  Ka Lui’s specializes in seasonal local faire with a daily menu and an art gallery atmosphere.  The sizzling special was my favorite; it tasted like a spicy Filipino-Mexican collision far beyond your Bay Area sisig tacos.

Viet Villa is a village within Puerto Princesa where Vietnamese refugees made new lives for themselves after their rafts drifted on natural currents from Vietnam to Puerto Princesa via the famed Underground River in Sabang, Palawan.  Displayed next to a beautiful temple were a drum and hanging flat gong.

Gong at Viet Villa, Puerto Princesa

Gong at Viet Villa, Puerto Princesa

Back on Luzon, the Bughaw Folkloric troup prepares for their weekly weekend lunchtime one-hour cultural program at the historic Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay.  In front of the breathtaking backdrop of concentric volcano lakes the audience smiled as Bughaw expertly moved through the suite, with vivid narrations and professional-level execution including live gong instrumentation!  I took a snaphsot of their gong setup just minutes before they took the stage.  It was a wonder to witness.

While I wish I could share a Kulintronica story in the Philippines, sadly this short trip was not for that occasion.  Still, a trip to the Philippines nourishes the Filipino American in a way that no other vacation can.  The archipelago inspires me endlessly and I approach the coming festival season with these memories in my heart.

Bughaw Folkloric gongs

Bughaw Folkloric gongs